The Cardamom Mountains covered with lush virgin rain-forest, rise to its highest point at over 1,770m. The Cardamoms extend over an area of 4,420,000 hectares covering a large portion of southwestern Cambodia. The Cardamoms are considered to represent Southeast Asia's greatest natural resources in terms of virgin forest and wildlife habitats that have never been fully explored and/or cataloged—30 large mammal species, 30 small mammal species, more than 450 birds, 64 reptiles, 30 amphibians and many other plants and insects.

With a wide variety of natural leisure activities you can enjoy cycling, trekking, hiking, viewing landscapes. Involve yourself with local livelihood activities like agricultural activities which will immerse you into a real communities’ life experiences and natural tourism in Pailin, a realm of yet explored treasures.

Memoria Palace & Resort offers various tours and sightseeing tours. You may choose from the tours below or simply choose the itinerary that is pre-planned for your convenience.

There are city tours, day trekking tours, day tours and cycling tours listed below. You will have a wonderful time no matter which tour you choose.

City Tour Options
Fruit farm (Ieng Sary Farm or Mr. Khun farm as you can visit both fruit farms and upstream river), 1 Hour
Bor Huy highland refugee camp (if you choose Mr. Khun farm then you can stop first at Bor Huy), 1 Hour
Swing bridge, 1 Hour
Bor Tang Su peek to see the mountain ocean, 1 Hour
Mining (by machine or by local people- this you can see sometimes only), 2 Hour
Gemstone cutting along Road 10 and near market, 1.5 Hour
Phnom Yat and Wat RatanakSophoan, 2-3 Hours
Blue Mountains Waterfall, 3-4 Hours
Visiting Coffee plantation or longan farm, and 2-3 Hours
Thai- Cambodian Border 3-4 Hours

Day Trekking Options
Trekking to Kbal O'Chra – 36 tiers of Waterfalls, lush greenery, amazing view, climbing/scaling cliff, swimming. 0.5-1 Day
Trekking to Kbal BorHuy waterfall or Kbal Domrey waterfall; impressive view of Pailin and surrounding area. 0.5-1 Day
Night trekking with BBQ with traditional Khmer music and dancing around Resort. Close to resort property with beautiful evening sky and comfortable weather.  3 hours
Trekking through Cardamom Mountains: (20km) - Durian trees, corn fields, friendly locals, peak of Pailin, best view of Pailin. 1 Day
Trekking through Cardamom Mountains: (30km) - Dragon flies, fire flies and waterfall. 1 Night
Trekking through Cardamom Mountains: (40km) - Dragon flies, fire flies, waterfall, wild animals including wild pigs, deer, possible to see elephants. 3 Nights

Advice: Bring long trousers, long sleeve shirts, socks, gloves, torch, insect repellent, sun block, helmet and mountain boots or comfortable walking shoes which are the most important. Do not bring anything that you do not especially need (i.e. expensive watches, jewelry, large sums of cash).  You will be carrying your own things.  Most of the things you require can be purchased very inexpensively in the local markets.  However, please take note that large size walking boots will be difficult to obtain here.

Day Tour Options
A day trip to Samlot 1 Day
A day trip adventure and hiking on La-Ang Mountain/Caved Mountain 1 Day

Cycling/Dirt Biking Tour Options
Dirt biking to Koh Kong  2 Days
Cycling around Pailin 0.5-1 Day
Cycling around Pailin countryside 0.5-1 Day
Cycling Pailin back-roads 0.5-1 Day

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