To understand and learn more about Memoria Palace & Resort, we would like to tell you the principal facts and the concept upon which the resort is based on:

Eco Resort in cambodia

  • Our Resort is a joint investment project of a Cambodian brother and sister who dream to turn the once war-torn area (former Khmer Rouge stronghold) into a place of harmony, prosperity and civility.
  • It is based on the idea of eco-tourism in order to preserve the nature and the environment for both tourists and the local people so we implement one tourist one tree program.
  • We would like our resort to be the forest home for nature lovers who are looking for a peaceful place. You will not find cable TV, or telephone in your room, but instead you can enjoy the sounds of nature, and free of charge DVD to play with your family and love ones.
  • Our Resort has been developed more and more over the years. By now we are very proud to offer you very comfortable, spacious bungalows on wide, well-maintained grounds.
  • Protecting the local people - be they our staff or from the local communities - from the negative impact of tourism which is also one of our highest priorities.
  • We support all kinds of wildlife protection initiatives, thus sale of wild animals or foods and products derived from them is strictly prohibited on our premises.
  • Human trafficking, child trafficking, sexual exploitation and all kind of pornography activities are illegal and are strictly prohibited and not allowed in the Resort.
  • Our Resort has a policy of employing only local people, most of them are younger generation of former Khmer Rouge fighters from nearby villages.
  • Memoria Palace takes great pride in what we are doing in our humble remote and quaint community of Pailin.  As one of the few resorts in the area, we proudly provide employment and training opportunities to locals who want to learn more about tourism and hospitality.  In cooperation with local schools and government officials, Memoria Palace is leading efforts to ensure that those who want to succeed will be given the opportunity to do so.   Through our employment and training opportunities that focus on customer service, we strive to provide you, our guests, the best possible service and attention, while at the same time allowing for real interactions with real people with a charm of their own. With their warm and naturally friendly natures they make your stay here even more unforgettable.

The way you will be served and the way we take care of each of our guests – truly a unique experience!