Eco Lodge

Rural Khmers dwell in houses built directly on the ground and either have no floor or a simple wooden floor. The walls and roofs are of very simple construction, typically leaves and include very minimal furnishings and an outdoor shower.

Sarong and Krama is typical Khmer item of clothing of everyday use. The sarong is a large tube or length of fabric often wrapped around the waist and worn by men and women throughout much of Cambodia. Krama is made of cotton or silk and commonly found in red and white or blue and white checkers and have a considerable variety of uses.



Krama dates back as far as the Angkor period and this ancient and traditional clothing remains much a part of current Khmer. Krama is worn to provide protection from sun, dust, wind, cold and rain and they may be wrapped around the head, neck, shoulders or hips. Wherever you travel in Cambodia you will see the Krama wrapped, knotted, slung casually over the shoulder or worn as elaborate turbans – often in conjunction with hats. They are also regularly pressed into service as skirts, sarongs, aprons and even shorts.

Our three eco-lodges are designed in a mushroom shape and built in the serene comfort of the lush outdoors allowing you to enjoy peace, relaxation, adventure and nature.

The eco-lodge is made from simple materials that were carefully harvested and crafted. The top is built from firm and strong wooden stilts; the cabins’ structure includes wooden floors, bamboo mat walls, leaf roof and a set apart shower that brings you close to nature. In addition, you can also shower by using a coconut water vessel to bring water from jar to the shower as the rural Khmer do.

You can now be a part of this memorable experience and personal rejuvenation in Memoria Palace’s three eco-lodge and live just as rural Khmers do.

Room sizes of 36 square meters with a bed size (160x200cm) or twin beds (140x200 connect you with nature ambiance with birds' calls and chirping.

The amenities in the lodge have been carefully made in an eco-friendly manner. Each lodge has only fan, mosquito nets; krama and sarong are provided for you to shower and sleep.

Twin beds or single/double bed, USD 30.

All rooms are non-smoking
All rooms have bathroom with a shower
Voltage in Cambodia is 220V 50Hz. (adapters are available at reception)
Check-in time: 2 pm
Check-out time: 12 pm

Luggage can be held at the reception before check-in or after check-out (please make sure not to leave any valuables in your luggage)

Visa and Master Card (Plus) accepted. Pick up from or drop off to bus station (in Pailin) will be free of charge.