Things to do in Pailin

Pailin Area Map tourist sites

The Cardamom Mountains range of Cambodia, and specifically Pailin, is acclaimed for its precious gemstones, such as rubies, sapphires, topaz and opals. You can experience the slow and quaint lifestyle of Pailin, a small Cambodian town in the middle of the rolling countryside, with a history steeped in the surrounding nature and resources that has kept Pailin so intimate and welcoming. Pailin offers a wide variety of natural leisure activities such as cycling, trekking, hiking, viewing landscapes, and involving yourself with what the locals do such as agricultural activities which you can immerse yourself into the communities’ life experiences and natural tourism in Pailin, a realm of yet explored treasures.

Pailin Gemstones


Most Cambodians wish to possess a gemstone from Pailin. Visitors can witness the Pailin's world famous gems authentic cutting and processing. It is possible for visitors to buy gemstones in Pailin, notably rubies, sapphires, topaz, and opals. There are many small stores in Pailin that buy and sell rubies and sapphires. Much of the 'mining' is simply done by locals that look for gemstones in gravel after a rain. Inexpensive souvenir stones makes for great way to return home, and you will not be disappointed. Also, Memoria invites guests to experience gemstone mining in our 900 square meter or along Ba Yakha river mining quarry, which is sure to be fun for the entire family.

Blacksmiths & Iron Works


A career that has been passed down from generation to generation. Hammers are hitting hot pieces of iron just removed from stoves filled with embers with a repeated sound of knocking which is at once fast and then slow. Pailin is home to many skilled blacksmiths. Observing their steady hands at work is inspirational, and they delight in the company of visitors. It is in Pailin town.

Coffee Plantation

Coffee - Pailin

Pailin has some of the most fertile land not only in Cambodia, but throughout Indochina as well.  For centuries the geographic region in and around Pailin has produced much of the crops that Cambodia is famous for. Pailin used to have a well-known coffee in the world and its plantation was so cute during the French colony but the plantation was cut down to earth in 1996 to replant cassava. Now Pailin is revitalizing its delegacy. A visit to coffee plantation is so beautiful, ripe coffee, smell of blooming coffee, mountainous landscapes, greenery, mist, and fresh-air with the sound of water flow. It is about 17km from the resort.

Orchard Walks and Fruit Picking

fruit farm

Pailin is transforming into an agricultural production center. With a variety of fruits to choose from, there is simple pleasures and connection to the land when surrounded by fruit trees and the incredible landscape. Nowhere is longan or rambutan harvest season more bountiful, beautiful and delicious than in Pailin. As far as the eye can see, longan or rambutan tree orchards grace the green rolling hills at the foot of Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains. Whether your adventure calling is to walk among the hundreds of longan or rambuatan trees or to experience the harvest for yourself, Memoria Palace and Resort can make the accommodations for you. When you taste and experience the magnificent longan or rambutan fruit, you taste and experience Pailin, and the abundance of what she offers. The friendly farmers are eager to greet and welcome you to their orchards, and accompany you while you have the experience of a lifetime and precious memories.

Pepper Farms

Samlot pepper

Green pepper is the young berry of the pepper plant. It is reaped before ripeness. It has a very fresh citrus flavor and is less spicy than the dried variety. Because of the nutrient rich soil, the area in and around Pailin, Cambodia is known for its abundant agricultural crops, and includes pepper farms. Samlot pepper is known for its delicious smoky peppery taste, and is used in a variety of recipes. Experience pepper farms, and freshly picked pepper with your meal. One taste of Samlot pepper and you will want it with every meal.

Phnom Yat

Phnom Yat

Phnom Yat is a cultural and historical site with an ancient pagoda built by Kola natives (Shan migrants from Myanmar) in 1922 enshrined the Myanmar culture. The site is worshipped by the local people and passersby who have a strong belief. The mountain is 60 meters high, 700 meters long, 300 meters wide and covers 30,000 square meters.  The top of the mountain is accessible by foot on a staircase of 242 steps or by vehicle. A gigantic Buddha statue is built on top of the hill.  It is 26mhigh in face to the west featuring of evil defeating. Further, at about 50 meters from the foot of the mountain is Wat Rattanak Sopoan.  A pagoda walled with bas-relief depicting the Hindu saga the story of the churning of the ocean milk similar to those in the Angkor Wat temple. Phnom Yat is located in the town.

Phnom Khieu/Blue Mountain Waterfall


Phnom Kieu Waterfall is an eco-tourism site and wildlife resort full of beautiful scenery with a clear waterfall.  The waterfall cascades down the mountainside and the local people call it the jungle waterfall because thick foliage surrounds the place where the waterfall is.  Generally people claim that it is the mountain from which the waterfall derives its name.  Others suggest that the clear water of the falls reflect the blue sky and hence the name. Many tourists want to trek to this mountain waterfall.  The path is a four to five km walk that curls around a small mountain into a lost jungle valley with views of the rain forest across the stream where you can listen to various birds calling and chirping. Trekking is a real pleasure here because on either side of you there are mountains and lovely valleys.  The slope is gradual and climbing it is rather easy. Once you reach the waterfalls the clear crystal water and the serene location will endear you.  It is undoubtedly one of the best tourist attractions in the Pailin area. It is about 19 km from the Resort.

Kbal O'Chra Waterfall

waterfall at Pailin

Trekking/adventure through the Cardamom Mountains is a great way to see the natural beauty of the area. It makes for a memorable experience and personal rejuvenation as you will be immersed with pristine landscapes, flagrant flora, and exotic wildlife. Kbal O'Chra waterfall is an unspoilt nature and wildlife preservation site. This waterfall consists of 36 tiers. Each tier has its own unique beauty and view. The waterfall features beautiful scenery surrounded by wonderful vistas of the mountains around Pailin. Visitors can enjoy a pristine natural environment in a secluded, serene area and unspoilt clear waterfalls. It is about 15 km from the Resort.

Kbal Bor Huy Waterfall/Kbal Damrey Waterfall

Kbal Damrey waterfall

The Kbal Damrey waterfall is among the many pristine and beautiful waterfalls in Pailin. Take a walk off the beaten path and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of nature activities, flagrant flora, and chirping birds that make your journey full of fond memories. Kbal Damrey waterfall sits in an unspoiled nature and wildlife preservation site. The waterfall creates a 30 meter high curtain-like flow. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful scenery and stunning vistas of the mountains that encircle Pailin. You can enjoy this pristine, secluded and unspoiled natural environment, among the serenity of the clear waterfall. Just a 7 kilometer drive from Memoria Palace, Kbal Damrey waterfall is a must see!